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Injury Prevention Plan

Avoid developing unbalanced patterns of soft tissue movement.

4 x 60 Min Sessions: 

Establish and maintain your baseline for mobility, balance, and structural support

Plan Structure

Injury Prevention-04.jpg

*Session structures are subject to change depending on client’s needs and progress. Due to the body being organic soft matter and there being many factors to the healing process, each person’s treatment layout will look differently from the above example.


  • 4 x 60 min bodywork sessions

  • Initial intake includes free 30min (90min total first session)

  • Customized mobility and soft tissue release plan determined to lessen the danger of injury to which your body is most susceptible 

  • Written evaluation mapping areas of concern to target support areas that are unique to your body

Designed For:

  • Active Persons wanting to avoid injury

  • Climbers and Aerial Artists, wanting to avoid injuries or re-injury

  • High performance athletes training for an event

About the Sessions

A preventative care approach to treatment, generally assumes there are known factors acting on the body (such as, general baseline health, typical daily physical activities, and lifestyle functional movements). Preventative care is intended to maintain the status quo and keep your body in balance so that when life presents challenges and changes, your body is better able to adjust and adapt to those changes without injury or pain. 


Treatment approaches for preventative care start by assessing your body’s baseline health (or your normal), rather than starting from an injury and working backwards. Generally, even if you are currently in a strong and healthy state, everyone has lifelong patterns of movement, tension  or past injuries, which can impact your body’s mobility and changes of injury. We will begin to observe those patterns and strategize how to best support your body where it is at.

Program Terms

  • 4 sessions prepaid in full at time of first appointment

  • Sessions must be completed within 8 weeks of first scheduled appointment date (unused sessions do not roll over month to month)

  • Sessions are to be used only by you, the client and cannot be shared with family or friends (think about it like a treatment prescription)

  • Regular cancellation policies apply

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