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Lymphatic Facilitation

*Please note: if you have been diagnosed with Lymphedema  or have had complications after a surgery and are experiencing severe swelling of a limb accompanied by pain, please contact your doctor prior to scheduling an appointment. 

** Also note, my training is in Lymphatic Facilitation NOT Lymphatic Drainage which is a more advanced training technique. If you are seeking LD treatment, please let me know and I can help you find a practitioner with adequate training. 

Lymphatic Facilitation (LF) is a gentle technique that addresses the lymphatic system of the body. Similarly to how your cardiovascular system pumps blood and nutrients through your body via tiny vessels, the lymphatic system also transports cellular waste (fluids from bruises or infection) away from the site of swelling.


The lymph vessels absorb the damaged tissue from the interstitial fluid (surrounding the vessels and organs) and transport it to an organ called the cisterna chyli, where it can be processed. Sometimes the Lymphatic System gets overwhelmed or needs a little manual help. 

LF treatment helps to manually reinforce this process in order to speed up healing and decrease trapped swelling, or edema. To read more about this process click here.


LF treatment can help:

  • Reduce swollen ankles after air travel

  • Reduce localized swelling from an injury

  • Reduce local edema after a surgery 

  • Support immune system response

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