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Prenatal Massage


This is an hour for you (and baby) to enjoy! If you seek relief from swollen joints, achy back and shoulders, or merely need an hour to relax, this is for you.  Please be sure to check with your primary care physician prior to scheduling a prenatal massage, to ensure that massage is ok and there are no complications with the pregnancy.


If you are past 22 weeks, we will likely have you in side lying position throughout the massage. I will use pillows for comfortable support throughout the session, however, if laying on your side for 20 min at a time causes you discomfort, let me know and we can adjust.


My Queen Village location does require walking a flight of stairs to get to the treatment room, so if this causes you additional pain or discomfort, consider scheduling with me at my Rittenhouse location!


*If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email or phone prior to booking your appointment.

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