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What to Expect

on your first visit

Welcome to ReCenter!

Whether you have received massage before or this is your first time ever, I want you to be in control of your healing process the whole way through. That starts with knowing what to expect before you enter this space. 

Initial Session
  • You can learn about the different types of modalities and techniques I utilize in our sessions by viewing the Service Descriptions. More info about rates and locations can be viewed here.

  • You will be asked to fill out a Health History Intake form at for our first session. You can fill it out ahead of time or arrive 15 min before your appointment so there is adequate time to fill it out then.

  • If you have additional questions about payment options, parking or cancelation policies, please review the FAQ section. If you have questions, email me or call 206-714-9751.

During Session

For your first session, we will start by reviewing your health history. The intake form that you will have filled out before hand will help gather most of the relevant information I need to know, but it is also important to understand what your expectations are for the session and future sessions if we continue to work together. Every body is different and details such as medications you may be taking or recent surgeries (however minor) can significantly effect the outcome of the massage so please take time to honestly fill in the information. Each session thereafter, we will always have a check in at the beginning of your session. This allows you to get grounded in your body, to check in with what is going on for you in the moment, and to update me on any changes since our last session. That said, our first session will likely be longer than consecutive sessions thereafter. 


After the intake, I leave the room so you can undress and get situated on the table, under the sheets provided. This is called "draping." You will be fully draped or covered by the sheets/blankets for the duration of the session and I will undrape one area at a time as I work on a specific area. For example, if i am working on the low back, i will roll the covers back to the hips so that the low back is accessible. 


If you are uncomfortable with removing your clothes during the session for any reason (religious, cultural etc.) please let me know specifically, so I can respectfully accommodate your needs.

  • During the session, I will be using various creams, oils or salves to aid in my work with your muscles and soft tissue. Because of this, most people undress down to their underwear for the session.

  • If you are planning to receive a fully clothed sports massage, please wear flexible clothing such as stretchy pants or shorts and comfortable shirt or sports bra for better mobility.

  • If you have any known allergies to various fragrances, nuts or cosmetic products, please let me know prior to your session (most of my lotions/oils are scent free and i have nut-free options if requested). 

Massage Therapy


During the session, I will occasionally check in with you verbally about the level and intensity of pressure. Your feedback is important as only you know how your body feels. At times, I may not check in verbally in order to facilitate a more restful atmosphere during the session, however, if you find that a particular area is more sensitive and you would like me to adjust my work or you have questions about what I am working on, please let me know!

No one gains from polite refrains. :-)

After Session

We will spend a few moments at the end of your session to check in about the work, how your body is feeling and to discuss any home care practices that may help you between sessions.

If you have enjoyed your session, you may rebook your next appointment. For questions regarding pricing, payment plans and tipping please visit the FAQs or Services and Rates.

Make sure to drink lots of water after your massage to help your tissue rehydrate and integrate the work! It is recommended, if possible, to be gentle with your body for the remainder of the day (ie plan to do your heavy lifting prior to your session or the following day).   

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