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Performance Recovery Plan

Get back to the full movements  you love!

8 x 60 Min Bodywork Sessions

Focused on recovering full range of motion, mobility, strength and power.

*Great for post surgery rehab and climbing injuries*

Plan Structure:

Performance Recovery-06.jpg


  • 8 x 60 min bodywork sessions at 10% discount

  • Initial thorough evaluation of movement, health history, mobility check, pain symptoms (includes free 30min)

  • Set personal health goals and discuss expectations of short and long term treatment plan (mid-series and at the end of treatment series)

  • Acquire tools and develop skills to self assess and manage pain/mobility symptoms at home

  • Clients receive re-evaluation after 4th week of treatment to assess progress and adjust treatment as needed

  • Learn to recognize signals & patterns of pain/functional limitations early

Designed for: 

  • ​​ Climbers and aerial artists recovering from Injuries 

  • High performance athletes recovering from injury

  • Persons recovering from surgery

Performance Recovery-2.jpeg

*Session structures are subject to change depending on client’s needs and progress. Due to the body being organic soft matter and there being many factors to the healing process, each person’s treatment layout will look differently from the above example.

About the Sessions

Performance is about aiming for specific achievements. Some people set goals, and create measurements to track their progress, and some approach performance with mere curiosity, and a trial and error agenda. Regardless of your calculations, injuries happen. Recovery allows you to get back to those activities and discoveries that give you life and purpose, while optimizing your physical capabilities. 


Recovery for Performance, generally implies focusing on getting your body back to a certain baseline of activity or function before a specific incident, with full range of motion, mobility, strength and power, and as pain free as possible. Acute tissue damage may be due to a specific accident (climber strains a finger pulley) or post surgical rehabilitation process (achilles surgery with incision scar tissue). 

Program Terms

  • 8 sessions prepaid in full at time of first appointment

  • First 3 sessions must be scheduled on weekly basis, remaining sessions can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly (dependent on progress)

  • Sessions must be completed within 6-14 weeks of first scheduled appointment date (unused sessions do not roll over)

  • Sessions are to be used only by you, the client and cannot be shared with family or friends (think about it like a treatment prescription)

  • Regular cancellation policies apply

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