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Somatic Stress Release

Happy Dance

Somatic Stress Release (SSR) is an invitation for your body to rediscover how it relates to stress. We all have complex histories of how we have related to stress in the past which are impacting our ability to live in the present. Sometimes our bodies get stuck in those patterns and are unable to resolve stress and connect with ourselves and others. 

SSR is designed to help you reconnect with your body's wisdom about how to engage with day to day stress and start to build new resources that will help you mobilize and move through your natural response to stressors. 


Each session is different from person to person and day to day, however, we will be implementing various strategies such as movement exploration, active imagination, breath work, and spacial feedback to learn how your body wants to engage with present and past stressors. 


These sessions are designed to give you the space and tools needed to reconnect with your nervous system, yourself and others by rediscovering your body's natural way of completing the stress cycle. Sessions can be scheduled for 60min either in person or virtual. 


If you are curious about whether this work is for you, book a consult call to find out more! 

*Somatic Stress Release is a certification developed by Dr. Scott Lyons, integrating multiple modalities from the Feldenkrais Method, Reiki practices, play therapy, Authentic Movement and many more. To learn more click here.

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