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About Meredith

License # MSG013235

In my early twenties, I was always active, always moving, and thought I was very competent at navigating fast paced, intense, chaotic situations. I considered myself healthy, immune to high levels of stress and could easily recover from physical injuries. However, in my 30s many things shifted. I suddenly experienced horrible hangovers, social engagements often felt chaotic and left me in cycles of fatigue and overwhelm; I started having shoulder pain, jaw pain, and my hypermobility suddenly felt like a burden instead of a fun party trick, and anxiety flooded my body while in public spaces, in which I used to feel energized.


For years, working as a rehab bodyworker and chronic pain specialist, I had sensed that this pendulum of extremes was a symptom of a dysregulated nervous system. While years of receiving bodywork, acupuncture, physical therapy and various movement practices have been deeply healing and supportive modalities in my own journey, I continued to experience the swings from chaos to collapse, without the language to describe these sensations.


My inner experience really began to really shift in a significant way, when I began to familiarize myself with the concepts of trauma, nervous system regulation (and co-regulation), and Somatic Stress Release©. As I started to look more closely at my own relationship to stress and became more acquainted with the sensations, patterns, and inner signals that my physical and emotional bodies were trying to communicate to me. I started to develop the skills and language I needed to truly experience relief, enjoyment, and satisfaction with myself and others. What I have found between the wide swings of “pushing forward” and “falling back” has been the incredible experience of “Enoughness” and true recovery! It allows me to be more in the moment, more safely connected in my body, and more lovingly in connection with those I care about. 


While my explorations continue to evolve and unfold for me, I have tapped into an invaluable set of practices and skills to recenter myself daily, and feel amazing in my body! And I want to share these with you!


If you would like help learning these skills to feel more safe and in your body, expand your sensory experiences from pain to pleasure, and would like to be able to find pause and ground in any moment of stress, then I would love to work with you!

Meredith has been a licensed massage therapist since 2008. After a decade of practicing in Seattle, WA for, and along-side, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Medical Massage Therapists, Meredith established her solo practice, ReCenter Massage and Bodywork, in the neighborhood of Bella Vista, Philadelphia, PA.



Somatic Stress Release Certified ® 


Intra-Oral Massage Endorsed (Inner Jaw structures) 2011

Medical Massage & Injury Treatment (since 2008)

Cortiva School of Massage Therapy-Seattle 2008 



Somatic Stress Release ©

Trauma Informed Bodywork

Nervous System Regulation (Polyvagal Lens)

Supporting Hypermobility

(including EDS persons)

Myofascial Release techniques

Structural Integration techniques 

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