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  • COVID Policies
    Here are the new requirements to follow if you plan to receive massage at ReCenter Massage in the months following the COVID-19 pandemic. Please read ALL items: -All clients must wear masks during the entire session. I will also be wearing a mask. I recommend the disposable blue surgical/medical masks as these are more comfortable and can be well fitted. -Gloves are not permitted upon entering the building. Gloves are intended to protect against droplets and contaminants. If you have been wearing them out in the world, they likely have acquired said contaminants. If requested, I can provide you with new vinyl gloves after the session. -All clients are required to sign an updated COVID-Consent Agreement form. You can download the form from my website prior to your arrival. Please read carefully, initial each item and sign. NOTE: If you refuse to sign this form, I will not be able to work on you. Please understand, these measures are in place to continue monitoring and ensuring the protection and health of all my clients, including you. No exceptions will be made. -Clients will be asked to wash their hands before each session. -I will continue to thoroughly wash my hands for 20 seconds before and after each session. -the treatment room will be thoroughly sanitized between clients (light switches, surfaces, doorknobs etc...). Sheets/linens are being washed with hot water and a bit of bleach. -Please bring a water bottle for hydration. During the upcoming months, unfortunately I will not be offering refreshments, again, to minimize spread of germs. -When you arrrive for your appointment, please call or text instead of ringing the bell or touching the door knob. Thank you for committing to your own health as well as looking out for others in our community who are more vulnerable. I understand this is inconvenient and I hope we are able to find more comfortable alternatives in the future. Until then, be safe and message me with any questions or concerns!
  • Where are you located?
    Post COVID-19, I will only be practicing out of my Queen Village location, near 3rd and Monroe Street. You will receive specific directions when you book an appointment.
  • Is there parking at your practice?
    Street parking only. Because this area is primarily a residential neighborhood, parking can take a while to find. I strongly recommend arriving a bit early to your appointment to account for parking. Your appointment time will not be extended or shifted if you arrive late on account of parking troubles. I do apologize for the inconvenience. Bus lines nearby: #57, #40, #12, #42
  • Do I need to wear specific clothing?
    Most sessions are conducted similarly to Swedish Massage, where the client removes their clothing and is covered by sheets or a blanket. This allows me to use a cream or lotion to do my work most effectively without getting it on your clothes. It also allows me to access the areas I will be working on, such as the neck or low back without layers of clothing in the way. You will, at ALL times during the session, be descretely covered (or "draped") by the blanket and sheets provided. As the therapist, I will step out of the room to give you privacy for changing, and will knock before re-entering the session space. Most people either fully undress or partially undress down to their underwear, but it is really whatever you are comfortable with. If you are uncomfortable with undressing, or for religious or cultural reasons are not permitted to remove your clothing, please let me know and we can work around it. If this is the case, please wear loose fitting workout clothing so that your mobility is not hindered.
  • Can I bring my child with me to my session?
    While I can't say no, I strongly urge you to find childcare during the time of your session. There is no child care services at the practices where I work and childen are not permitted to wait unsupervised in the common spaces. While I will permit them to join us in the treatment room if there is no other option, I strongly urge against it, for the quality of your session as well as limited space.
  • What is your Cancellation Policy?
    COVID Policy (until further notice) During the immediate post-pandemic months, I will be evaluating cancellations on a case by case basis. I strongly encourage folks to reach out to me directly by phone if you are experiencing questionable symptoms or choosing to stay home for the protection of yourself as well as other clients. I appreciate as much notice as possible, however I understand these are tentative times and I value caution over accidental exposure. **Note: If you cancel with short notice on account of possible COVID symptoms, I will require a confirmation note of being tested negative before rescheduling. No exceptions. Thank you for supporting those around you. Regular Policy As long as you provide me with 24 hours notice before your appointment start time, you can cancel your appointment without being penalized. Obviously, the more notice you can give, allows me to offer that appointment spot to someone else who needs it. If you cancel same day for a non-emergency reason (work meetings and travel for work, or public transit delays do NOT constitute emergencies), you will be charged for up to the full rate of your appointment. If you cancel same day for an emergency (health related, family emergency--this does not include your childcare canceling), the cancellation fee with be waved. If you are able to find someone to take your spot, that is ideal. If you are unsure whether your situation constitutes as an emergency, please contact me and we can discuss it. I will grant up to 3 emergency cancellations, at which time we will need to discuss the nature of the emergencies and possible termination as a client. I understand that life happens and cannot always be predicted, but my time is also valuable and I need to schedule clients who can show up reliably. Please do not abuse the cancellation system. It is not my desire to fire any of my clients, but if it is harming my practice and interferring with the health of my other clients, I will do what is best. That said, if the emergencies are health related (physical ailment, physical injury, domestic violence) I will direct you to the appropiate resource (help hotline, 911, local hospital) who can better support your needs. If it is the death of a family member or friend, my sincerest condolences, and please let me know when/if you would like to rebook.
  • Do you bill Insurance?
    I do not bill insurance at this time. I can, however, provide receipts for sessions paid, if you would like to submit it for reimbursement yourself. For an additional fee, I can also provide more extensive notes on each session and progress reports for your healthcare team. Please click here for more information on SOAP Note fees.
  • When should I get massage?
    If you are experiencing what is called "Chronic" pain/discomfort (meaning that it is ongoing), are experiencing stress (whether physical/mental/emotional) that is producing physiological symptoms, or you have gotten approval from your primary care physician to receive massage after an injury or surgery, then you are invited to book an appointment. If you have specific questions about your current state, please reach out via my contact page.
  • When should I NOT book a massage appointment?
    If you have very recently experienced a severe injury such as a sprain or broken limb, if you have an open wound that is bleeding, have undergone surgery, have cold or flu like symptoms, a skin reaction or other severe symptoms, please email or call before booking your appointment to consult about what to do. Most of the time, it is recommended to consult your doctor prior to booking, however in some cases (such as if you have already had approval from your doctor after spraining your ankle), it might be ok. Other situations in which it would not recommended or at least requires caution to schedule an appointment are: If you are planning to engage in lots of physical activity later the same day (such as taking a dance or cardio class, going rock climbing etc...) If you plan to drink/party later the same day or have drunk heavily the night before If your doctor has explicitly advised against receiving massage (you are always encouraged to seek a second opinion if you disagree with a particular opinion) These cautions are for specific reasons. If you would like to contact me, I am happy to further discuss them with you.
  • I'm not sure which type of service is best for do I select the right appointment?
    You can visit the list of service "Descriptions" under the "Services and Rates" tab to get a better understanding of what is offered. If you are still not sure which service is best for you, please contact me either by phone or email. You can find my details under the "Contact" tab.
  • Im not seeing an appointment time that works for me! How do I book a session?
    If you are not seeing an available time or day that works for you on the schedule, call or email me with your top 3 times you'd like to schedule and we'll see if we can figure something out!
  • Do you work with kids?
    In short, yes. I require a parent or legal guardian to sign their child's health intake and consent forms for receiving massage. I typically work with kids 15yrs and up, most of whom are high school or middle school athletes. However if you contact me regarding a child who is younger, I will work with kids on a case by case basis. Sessions are typically shorter than regular sessions with my adult clients as youth typically have less tissue damage at their age and often have a shorter attention span. *I ernestly resquest that parents check in with their child prior to arriving to the session to ensure that the child understands the benefits of massage and that they want to be here of their own validity.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Currently I am a cash only operation. I intend to upgrade to accepting debit and credit card payments in the future and will update my website to notify you of this change. I accept Cash, Venmo, CashApp, Paypal or Check. If paying by check, please be prepared to provide valid ID. Payments are collected prior to your massage, so please arrive with payment in hand. Massages will not be administered without payment received.
  • Do you accept health insurance plans?
    I do not bill for insurance plans at the moment. If you have a prescription from your doctor for massage treatment, I can provide you with a receipt of payment that you can then submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Please Note: submitting a reimbursment receipt does NOT guarantee the insurance company will reimburse you payment. You are still responsible for paying for your massage session at the time of service, regardless of whether you are reimbursed by your insurance company.
  • Do you accept tips?
    While tips are not expected, it is considered a gift, which is much appreciated. Industry standard for: 60 min: $5-$15 90 min: $15-$40 *These are just suggestions for those who would like to show their gratitude. It is not a requirement! Thank you!
  • Do You Sell Gift Certificates?
    Yes! Whether you are purchasing a gift for a friend or family member or simply prepaying your yourself, I can issue a gift certificate for either the value amount of a 60min/90min session or any value amount you would like. Gift Certificates are non-refundable and can not be redeemed for cash. Gift Certificates are purchased with a 1 year expiration timeline. Contact me directly for questions regarding Expirations.
  • Do you share my medical information with third parties or practitioners?
    No, I will never share your personal or medical information with anyone without your written request; not even your spouse, unless I have written consent from you to do so. If you would like me to be able to share progress reports or discuss your medical history with one of your other health care practitioners, I have an authorization form you will fill out, which outlines how the information will be shared and with whom. I take my client's privacy very seriously.
  • I don't like sharing my personal information or giving out my I have to sign the Health History and Consent forms?
    Yes. All of my clients are required to fill out a health history and HIPAA compliant form. This is similar to signing a waiver and/or health intake forms at a doctor's office. It is both for your protection and mine. It ensures that you understand my services and policies and that we are entering into a consentual agreement. Regarding your personal contact information I gather in my forms, even if you do not have significant health history or concerns, it is necessary for me to have this record. Your contact info allows me to get in touch with you about appointments (if i need to reschedule your appointment on account of me being sick etc.) In the event that I start sending out regular emails with updates about the practice or special deals or events, you will have the option to actively opt out of receiving these emails. **It is entirely your choice whether to sign these documents or not, but without signing I cannot provide bodywork to you. Please see COVID Policies for specifics regarding Green Phase requirements.
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