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New Clients

Welcome to ReCenter Massage!

If you have never received massage before, you may not know what to expect. Below are some steps to help you feel more prepared for your first visit...

What to Expect

Clarifying your expectations for the session helps determine what you'll get out of each session.

What Type of Massage

What type of massage should I book?

View the descriptions of services to help you better select the type of bodywork you are looking for. 

Click here for descriptions of services offered

New Client Forms

Completing a thorough health history intake prior to our first session ensures that you will get the best care!

Fill out your form ahead of time to maximize your session time!

Book a Session

Once you are ready to book an appointment you can view availability through our online calendar. Create your own login account so you can always see your upcoming appointments, make changes anytime and schedule on the go:

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First Session

Our first session is an introduction, where we will begin to understand what has been going on with your body. We will gather a lot of information, both written and verbal to assess the best course of treatment for you in the sessions to follow.


I want to understand: 

1) what you would like to get out of our sessions,

2) how does your body feel in the present moment, and

3) how would you like your body to feel/function after our session.


This will help guide expectations and give me a sense of your specific needs.


Because we will spend a significant amount of time in your initial session reviewing your health story, our first session is 90 minutes long. This will still leave plenty of time on the massage table, so that you can receive hands on care that is intentional and informed. 

Online Forms
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