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COVID Policies

The following are the new requirements to follow if you plan to receive massage at ReCenter Massage in the months following the COVID-19 pandemic. Please read ALL items carefully:

Image by Steve Johnson

  • All clients must wear masks during the entire session. I will also be wearing a mask. I recommend the disposable blue surgical/medical masks as these are more comfortable and can be well fitted. 

  • Gloves are not permitted upon entering the building. Gloves are intended to protect against droplets and contaminants. If you have been wearing them out in the world, they likely have acquired said contaminants. If requested, I can provide you with new vinyl gloves after the session.

  • All clients are required to sign an updated COVID-Consent Agreement form. Please read carefully, initial each item, and sign. NOTE: If you refuse to sign this form, I will not be able to work on you. Please understand, these measures are in place to continue monitoring and ensuring the protection and health of all my clients, including you. No exceptions will be made. 

  • Clients will be asked to wash their hands before each session upon arrival.

  • I will continue to thoroughly wash my hands for 20 seconds before and after each session.

  • The treatment room will be thoroughly sanitized between clients (light switches, surfaces, doorknobs etc...). Sheets/linens are being washed with hot water and a bit of bleach, as usual. 

  • Please bring a water bottle for hydration. During the upcoming months, unfortunately I will not be offering refreshments, again, to minimize spread of germs. 

  • When you arrive for your appointment, please call or text instead of ringing the bell or touching the door knob. 


Thank you for committing to your own health as well as looking out for others in our community who are more vulnerable. I understand this is inconvenient and I hope we are able to find more comfortable alternatives in the future. Until then, be safe and message me with any questions or concerns!

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