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Father and Daughter

ReCenter Your Training

Many of us have been told things like, “get over it,” or “you’ll live…” or “suck it up.” Each of these directives undermines our body’s intuition that “something is wrong!” The circumstances don’t have to be extreme in order for you to value and care for your self! 


In fact, that is part of what “Recentering Your Training” means. As we work together, we will combine your expertise of your body’s experience with my 12 years of experience working with people to recover from pain, regain mobility and find their center again! 


But you will only able to overcome repeated injuries and chronic pain when you start to understand the beliefs you have about your body and shift them supportively. In our sessions, we will not only create changes and restore your functionality, but you will also learn how to maintain those changes long after your sessions are over. 


To learn more about what trainings I offer, book a consultation!

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