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Father and Daughter

ReCenter Your Sense of Self

Our bodies offer incredible information about what we need in order to experience optimal function, focus and fullness in life. Often, we receive physical signals (symptoms or sensations) and signs (quantifiable & measurable lab results), which alert us to an imbalance or stressor that the body is experiencing –discomfort, pain, anxiety etc. Sometimes these signals are physical (strain, tenderness, throbbing, burning) and sometimes they show up in the form of emotional (chemical) patterns which emerge in specific ways (sadness, fear, distraction, frustration, anxiety etc). 


When these signals are softer and more subtle, there is an opportunity for providing specific nourishment and support to our bodies. When we don’t understand what these sensations mean or want from us, it can cause frustration, overwhelm, and delay receiving the direct care that we actually need. Furthermore, recognizing these subtle signals can be complicated due to unprocessed trauma experiences and uncompleted stress cycles that have been patterned in the body. This is why it can feel so difficult to find relief and lead to a repeated cycle of pain–resource depletion–overwhelm–hopelessness–more pain. But it doesn't have to be that way!


As we work together, I will support you in holding space for these subtle (and not so subtle) messages to be acknowledged and understood so that you can begin to move through life in more connection to your body, enjoy connections with others, and navigate transitions in life with more peace and grace.

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