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What is Resourcing and why is it Important?

Resources are any thing that offers support to our physical, mental and emotional functioning. Resources can include, food, shelter, friends, time, money, and rest. Yes, napping is an incredibly powerful resource!


When we lack resources (being under-resourced) or have experienced times of lack in our lives, it becomes natural for our systems to attune to the struggle, discomfort and pain sensations. However, when we start to focus on “feeling good” or “feeling neutral,”the parts of our body that experience the absence of pain, we start to re-pattern our perception and experiences. We do this by building the capacity to differentiate between discomfort and comfort; tension and ease. Many of us have developed patterns of rushing, or moving quickly through an experience, and thus have a low tolerance or narrow capacity for sitting with what is in between. When we can build up a tolerance for sitting with the "in between", the "good enough", the "right now," we can invite more choice, power, and relief into our daily experiences.


Relaxation is a state of being that anyone can access, with the right ecosystem of safety, moderated stimuli (or lack thereof) and focused presencing skills. Yes, relaxation is a skill! 


I am here to help guide you so that you can access this invaluable skill, in order to be more present and adaptable to your body, your relationships and your circumstances. 

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