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Young Female Artist


Each of us experiences what is called a "window of capacity" in relationship to our sensory perception of stimulus--a fancy way of saying, sometimes life is a lot and we can burn out or become overwhelmed! When this happens we have reached our edge within our capacity or perhaps pushed passed our edge. Our window of capacity can shrink at times and then expand again, depending on how we are able to resource ourselves at a given moment in time. 


When we are operating outside our window of capacity for stress, we often experience physical, emotional and mental pain, fatigue, fogginess, and overwhelm. It often feels as though we are working really hard and not really gaining momentum. We end up feeling stuck. 


At Recenter, when we work together, we first begin by looking at your relationship to stress. It is my belief that each of us has a unique relationship to our experiences in this world, and our capacity for engaging with a stimulus at any given moment is incredibly individual. The ways in which we experience stress in our lives depends on many factors such as how our parents and relatives embodied stress, social expectations and projections, personal ideas about health and autonomy, and our own embodied identities etc. The experience of stress is never in isolation and it is my belief that there is no “normal” level of stress that all persons can tolerate. 


As we work together, we will start to understand what your window of capacity looks like, feels like, and how to safely and gently explore the edges of your stress experience within your body’s specific resources, as we gently, and compassionately build your capacity back up. 

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