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Man Climbing

Regain Your Mobility

Ever been on the freeway and tried to look left over your shoulder, only to find that you can’t?! The tightness in your left shoulder that you woke up with this morning has traveled to your neck and now you can’t change lanes safely?


Maybe not. Maybe you don’t have a car. Maybe you just can’t put your shirt on without pain or weakness. Losing mobility in our body often means reducing productivity, access to people and events, and having to alter simple daily activities that used to require no thought at all. Experiencing limitations only gets more frustrating with time, regardless of age and base health. That means, if you ignore an injury for too long, the damage and loss of mobility becomes more difficult to reverse. 


But that doesn’t have to be your situation. Even if you have been dealing with a long term injury, it’s always better to address it late than never. 


To learn more about how you can regain your mobility and improve your daily living, book a free consultation or schedule a bodywork session today!

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