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Corona, Comfort, and Cautious

I had hoped my first blog post here would be something more hopeful, like "How to Deal with Migraines" or "Intra Oral Massage for the Jaw: Stop Grinding, Popping and Locking!" (Yes, I came up with that corny tagline all by myself) #proud.

However, these are pressing times and I feel this is the best way to communicate updates and intentions as we wrestle with this major social shift and #pandemic. By now, we all know what the #coronavirus is and who is most vulnerable. In the last week, we have received a mixture of advice to create social distance as much as possible, while also remaining calm and reducing as much stress as possible (easier said than done).

As an ancillary healthcare practice, I am torn between the decision to close--thereby reducing the support and comfort that many derive from bodywork, but also potentially reducing the spread of this pandemic-- and remaining open, while practicing stringent precautions to manage exposure. I have decided to remain open for the time being, while implementing the following practices to protect my clients and prevent the spread of



  • Continually monitoring the CDC's and WHO's recommendations regarding precautions

  • Washing my hands thoroughly before and after each session and throughout my day

  • Requesting that clients also wash their hands before entering the treatment room

  • I will be wearing a mask as an additional barrier (despite the foreboding appearance, I believe it is a worthwhile caution)

  • Limiting appointments to only 2x/day (this allows me to thoroughly sanitize surfaces and limits potential exposure)

  • I work 1-on-1 in sessions so there is no super-spreading possibility

  • I have fluid barriers that cover my face cradle and table that add an additional layer of protection and enhances the effectiveness of sanitation)

  • Thoroughly sanitizing face cradle and table between each session

  • Sanitizing door knobs, light switches, table surfaces, lotion containers, faucets etc...

  • Washing sheets after each shift with hot water and bleach (as per usual)

  • I have installed a HEPA and UV disinfecting air filter to aid in purifying the air in the treatment room

  • I will not be charging late cancelation fees during this time, as it is essential that you feel you can cancel at a moment's notice if you start to notice symptoms

**If you are unsure whether you should come in or cancel, please call and discuss before showing up for your appointment. I do still request as much notice as possible for cancellations but I also understand these are special times.

Contraindications & Warnings:

  • If you are of a vulnerable demographic (ie over 60 yrs, recently had surgery, pregnant, are susceptible to sinus infections or respiratory conditions--please see CDC for more comprehensive list) PLEASE STAY HOME!

  • If you know that you are prone to contagion (have a compromised immune system, get sick easily, are highly stressed and not sleeping well), please consider that you may want to avoid any potential exposure by staying home

  • If you have cold or flu like symptoms (or any symptoms of illness) PLEASE STAY HOME

  • If you live with large groups of people in your home, please consider whether it is essential for you to have bodywork or if there are alternative self care methods you can employ from home (you can always reach out to me with questions, I will do my best to aid you in finding comfort from home)

Lastly, I am considering putting together a series of self care massage and stretching tools/methods that you can use at home during this time. This would likely be via a Patreon account or a similar platform. If this is something you would be interested in having access to, please let me know in the comments section below or message me directly!

If you have any questions or concerns, I welcome your feedback. Please keep checking back here for updates as it may become clear that the best decision is to close. I will keep you all informed! Thank you for taking care of yourselves and for staying informed.

Stay hopeful and grounded! More hopeful posts coming soon!

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