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New Client Summer Special!

Through the month of August, I am offering a New Client Summer Special (details below)! Some of you may need no convincing to sign up and take advantage of this great deal, but for those of you who are more skeptical, like me, I’d like to hi-light exactly what the value is that you are getting with this limited time offer!

When searching for the right practitioner to work with, it can be overwhelming and frustrating. I understand how important it is to find the right person to work with, and get your money's worth. You may wonder:

  1. Is the practitioner client centered?

  2. Am I getting my money’s worth?

  3. Will I feel better in 1-2 sessions?

After signing up for the New Client deal these questions will be clearly answered so you can decide for yourself, if it's right for you to commit to further care. All too often, we show up to an appointment, feel rushed during the session, don’t feel like the practitioner really understood our problem, and then leave feeling disappointed, still not having resolved our pain! Does this sound like any experience you have had?

Client Centered Sessions

When I am looking for a good bodyworker, for myself, I want to know 1) that they are skilled, 2) that they understand the value of my time and resources, and 3) that they are prioritizing my needs.

New Clients will be able to experience how I work in practice before committing to further care. Starting with the process of evaluating your health history, to creating a unique treatment plan for you, to establishing long term training and home care, I am committed to centering each step around your goals and expectations. I want you to feel confident and in control of your body from receiving this work, and that starts on day one!

I Value Your Time and Resources

Often, we only get about 5-10 minutes to share about our symptoms and concerns when we visit the doctor’s office. You end up forgetting half the things you wanted to share, and leave feeling that the physician didn’t get a full sense of the problem you are experiencing in your body! This is a tragedy and it’s all too common. It’s your appointment, your body, your health, there should be adequate time for you to share your experience without feeling rushed!

Having two full consecutive 90 min sessions allows us to really dig into the source(s) of the pain, tension or discomfort you may be feeling in your body, while not feeling rushed for time. When I work with a new client, I invest 20-30 minutes of the session learning about your body, your injuries, and what has brought you here! In later sessions, as we continue to work together, these check-ins will be more brief as we shift more time towards the treatment portion of the session.

Why is Continued Care Important?

Our bodies are organic organisms that take time to adjust to physical changes. For example, when someone has been experiencing shoulder pain for several weeks or months, the body has likely already employed protective measures to keep it from being further injured. This often looks like restricted mobility, inflammation, sometimes heat and swelling. 

When we begin to work together, I will help your body let go of unnecessary protective postures and guarded muscles with various techniques, but longer term corrections take time to reverse. With this introductory Special, that critical follow up session is already part of the package, so you get to continue the work we’ve started, without losing any of the valuable time (90min) needed to accomplish our goals. 

What’s the Deal?

When you purchase two 90 min sessions, you get them at the discounted rate of two 60 min sessions. This gets you an extra hour of bodywork while saving $100! 

Start working with me today, and start feeling better now!

Still have questions?

Schedule your FREE initial consultation here

**This deal expires August 31, 2020. Purchases must be made by this date, however appointments can be scheduled later than Aug. 31st. Sessions are meant for one person per deal (not intended to be shared). Must be a first time client at ReCenter Massage. Customers can purchase more than one as gifts for friends and family (gift card options available). Both 90min sessions must be purchased at the same time in order for discount to be applied. Payment is due at time of first session. This deal is non-refundable. 

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