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Avoid the Injury-Pain-ReInjury Cycle!

Prevent frustration by receiving ongoing and structured support for your body.

Stressed Woman

Post-surgery? Post-injury?

Or just focused on mobility? 

Start with a consultation

to find the program

that's right

for you!

Athletic Woman

Working with ReCenter gives you a process and benchmarks to improve your functionality.

How It Works

Stage 1 Goals: to measure where you're at, and address your immediate concerns to restore day to day functionality. 

Stage 2 Goals: to identify and correct  patterns of movement that can lead to the Injury-Pain-ReInjury Cycle. 

Stage 3 Goals: to help you develop the long term habits that will maximize your lifetime mobility!

Get Started with a Free Consultation

Stage 1

Acute Concerns & Baseline

  • Establish a baseline of movement

  • Evaluate acute restrictions

  • Bodywork focused on restoring baseline movement and relieving inflammation

Stage 2

A New & Better Normal

  • Retrain muscle awareness and postural self-assessment

  • Develop at-home mobility program 

  • Bodywork focused on restoring structural support systems

Stage 3

Long Term Mobility Plan

  • Learn to manage your body's autonomic nerve response

  • Integrate your mobility and training tool kits 

  • Bodywork focused on maintaining a centered platform for movement 

How ReCenter Has Helped Others...

Man Climbing


“I have been getting body work from Meredith for over ten years... I like to spend most of my free time outdoors and am somewhat prone to injury, but Mer always got me back at it.

I don't know how she does it, but she manages to give a deep tissue massage without it feeling like a deep tissue massage in the moment.


Meredith is very present and also mindful of the goings on in my body from session to session. Truly her work is exceptional!”


-Tony C.

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