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Trauma Informed Bodywork

Compassion. Connection. Coregulation.


Your System

Your Capacity

Your Sense of Self

Tune into your body's sensations

to get acquainted with your system's signals

and your own unique pacing! 

Stressed Woman

Working with ReCenter supports you in reconnecting to your self, to your environment and to loved ones, again and again. 

When you develop your own language to express your internal experience to yourself and others, you acquire more autonomy over your body, your rhythms, and your life experiences.

Athletic Woman


Step 1:

Book a Call

Life coaching

Step 2:

Book Your Intro Session

Step 3:

Plan your Journey!

Client Experiences...

Man Climbing


“I have been getting body work from Meredith for over ten years... I like to spend most of my free time outdoors and am somewhat prone to injury, but Mer always got me back at it.

I don't know how she does it, but she manages to give a deep tissue massage without it feeling like a deep tissue massage in the moment.


Meredith is very present and also mindful of the goings on in my body from session to session. Truly her work is exceptional!”


-Tony C.

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