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Receiving Bodywork after Getting a Vaccine

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

This January we're seeing a lot more folks getting the vaccine as the weeks roll on. While we are receiving a lot of positive reports of how the vaccines are working (despite distribution challenges), I want to take a moment to outline what this means for receiving bodywork in the months to come:


There are two vaccines: Pfizer and Moderna. There have been similarly good reports of effectiveness for both, and regardless of which one you receive, there are 2 doses that are administered (the 2nd dose is administered 1 month after the 1st dose) and you must take both for full effectiveness.

It is reported that the side effects of these vaccines are pretty intense, because they are reactogenic, or cause a reaction from the immune system. This is actually a good sign because it means the immune system is rallying! Some people may not have as intense a reaction, and that’s ok, it doesn’t mean it isn’t working, everyone’s body is different.

For a more thorough description of how the vaccines work and what to expect you can read here. **Always check in with your doctor prior to scheduling a vaccine appointment.

When is it safe to receive a massage after getting a vaccine?

It has been recommended by experts to wait 2-3 days after getting a vaccine dose to monitor symptoms and give your body time to respond to the vaccine. You will likely have local soreness at the injection site, and symptoms of immune response (fever, ashiness, possible nausea etc). During this period of time, your immune system will be more vulnerable so it is also a good idea to protect yourself by not interacting with the general public during this time.

For a list of side effects to expect from the vaccine, click here.

*Note: While immune response symptoms should subside within a few days, the full effect of the vaccine can take up to 2 weeks, so it is recommended that you take regular precautions of wearing masks etc. even after receiving the vaccine.

How does getting the vaccine impact my massage appointments?

Short answer: Nothing has changed!

If you have received one or both vaccine doses, at this time, protocols will remain “business as usual” at Recenter, which means:

  • Wearing masks to appointments and throughout

  • Washing hands before entering the treatment room

  • Taking temperature with non-contact thermometer

  • Notifying me ASAP if you think you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 to reschedule your appointment (24 hour cancellation policy still in effect)

There are a lot of reports indicating that the vaccines are proving effective (I know I am looking forward to getting mine!), however, for the time being, there will not be any changes to the safety precautions in place. I will be operating ReCenter with the same precautions until we hear otherwise from the CDC. You just want to wait several days after getting the vaccine to allow your body to rest and process the immune response. Assuming you feel well, book your next session!

Additional Resources:

  • Register for Vaccine: If you live in Philadelphia county, you can register here to be notified when you can schedule a vaccine appointment. *Please note, Philly Fighting COVID is NOT where you should register for the vaccine! There was some confusion about this, however the city of Philadelphia has finally created its own website (see above).

  • Registering and getting scheduled are two different steps. Get registered first, and then you will get a notification to schedule your vaccine appointment.

  • Medical personnel can register immediately to get scheduled here.

  • If you live in another county like Montgomery County or Bucks, the process may be different so check with your local resources

  • Article on when to receive massage after getting vaccinated here!

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