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Physical Office Closed; Remote Sessions Available!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Regretfully, in the very short time between this morning's post and now, I have learned that Mayor Kenney has ordered all "non-essential businesses" close their doors for the foreseeable future. In the interest of protecting my clients' health and reducing the spread of this virus, I will be closing ReCenter Massage for the next two weeks.

I am sorry for the confusion and that I will not be able to offer my services for the time being. As previously mentioned however, I am working on putting together additional resources and tools that can be shared remotely to provide you with self care and recovery during this time. Keep checking back here or my instagram @recenter_massage for updates and how to subscribe!

In the mean time, I am offering remote sessions (view here for more info). These remote sessions offer a FREE 15min phone consultation, and one of two virtual sessions: 30min Assessment/Treatment or 60min Remote Partnered Work. These sessions will obviously not be hands on, but will provide you with effective tools for stretching and self massage to help you get through the next few weeks!

Additionally, if you would like to support my business but are not interested in the remote sessions at this time, please consider buying gift cards! You can buy now, and redeem when my physical office is reopened in a few weeks. Message me for details on receiving your gift cards by mail!

In the meantime, be kind to yourself (and your loved ones), and be safe and healthy!

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